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Alice Anderson, septembre à décembre 2019

In her artistic approach, Alice Anderson favours gesture, movement over words, repetition over single action. His practice is above all performative. Thus, she has developed an extreme attention to the sensations she perceives: light, colours, sounds, vibratory movements and waves of certain materials integrate her creations and become their raw materials. 


For several years, Alice Anderson has been developing a technique of conservation, of "memorization" of objects that have disappeared, by surrounding them with copper wire. This technique is similar to weaving and questions our collective memory. 

In Saché, Alice Anderson chose to work on some emblematic elements of the architecture of the Atelier Calder: the windows, the floor and the door. 

During my first visit to Atelier Calder, I was struck by the space and especially by the door and its triangular geometric shapes," explains Alice Anderson. "It was from this first scouting visit that I developed the project I developed during my residency at Atelier Calder, entitled The Ritual of the Shapes.

The resulting geometric shapes proved to be an infinite field of experimentation for the artist, which was expressed in large format paintings, sculptures, and performance.

For Alice Anderson, "the space offered by the Calder Workshop has become a true place for global experimentation since the space in the house has also become an extension of the workshop. 


With this project she continues her work of memorization, in order to create a new Data Architecture, resulting from new performances.

 Alice Anderson has developed new performances that magnify accidental gestures and random movements as the ultimate act of creation and a reminder of what makes us human.



Alice Anderson will have her first solo exhibition in 2011 at the Freud Museum in London. These sculptures and performances have been presented at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, 2012, the 55th Venice Biennale, 2013, the Welcome Collection London and the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton Paris, 2015, the Saatchi Gallery and the Royal Academy of Arts 2016, Drawing Room London and the Centre Pompidou, 2017. Itinéraire d'un corps / Spirituals Machine, Galerie Valérie Bach La Patinoire Royale, Brussels, 2018. 

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