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Attila Csörgö , residency March to July 2011

Attila Csörgö was born in 1965 in Hungary, he lives and works in Budapest.

The complexity of the world and the structures of the cosmos are of particular interest to Attila Csörgö, whose work takes us into a universe that combines art and scientific experience. Fascinated by perspective, geometry treatises and applied mathematics, this Hungarian artist imagines and realizes extremely complex installations provoking dynamic visual experiences.

During her residency at the Atelier Calder, Attila Csörgö continued her research on optical illusions generated by the combination of light and movement.

For this, he designed a meticulously elaborated device combining a moving geometric structure and image projection. Behind the apparent simplicity of the materials used, this device is the result of a complex reflection. For this work, the use of a form designed by the artist allows for astonishing projections. The object is illuminated by two light sources reflected by telescope mirrors. Thus, he obtains two drop shadows forming very different figures: the first represents a circle inside which a hand moves (symbol of passing time) and the second the sign of infinity.

It is the combination of two opposing concepts that is at the heart of Attila Csörgö's project, movement which is related to time and change, whereas geometric figures are probably the most static elements made by man.

Attila Csörgö uses art as a means to accompany the spectator into the world of science. Her inventions combine fantasy and curiosity to represent various physical and mathematical phenomena, shedding new light on a reality to which we are sometimes no longer attentive.

Several solo exhibitions have recently been devoted to him at MUDAM, Archimedean Point, Musée d'art Moderne Grand Duc Jean, Luxembourg, Hamburger Kunsthalle - Galerie der Gegenwart, Hamburg, (2010) Archimedean Point, Ludwig Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest (2009), Domaine de Kerguéhennec (2009), Gregor Podnar Gallery, Berlin, (2009). He has participated in numerous group exhibitions: Les promesses du Passé at the Centre Georges Pompidou (2010), Donumenta 2010: Aktuelle Kunst aus Ungarn, Kunstforum Ostedeutsche, Galerie Schleicher + Lange, Paris as part of Berlin-Paris, (2010), 16th Sydney Biennale Revolutions - Forms that turn, (2008), FRAC Champagne - Ardenne, Reims, What you see is what you guess, (2007), National Centre for Contemporary Art in Moscow, Active Image, (2005).


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