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Corban Walker, Residency from October to December 2015

Corban Walker was born in 1967 in Dublin. He lives and works in New York.

Corban Walker creates sculptures related to architecture and space, sometimes on a large scale, using industrial materials such as steel, aluminium or glass.


Corban Walker is 1.20 m tall, which implies a very special relationship between the artist and space, a determining factor in his artistic approach.

Combining the concepts of architecture and minimalism, Corban Walker often refers to the cultural and philosophical environment in which he implants his works, and encourages viewers to reflect on how they navigate and interact with their environment.

He invests with minimalism the sites where he installs his works and pays great attention to the modifications of space that his sculptures imply in terms of proportion and balance.


At the Atelier Calder, Corban Walker created several works in connection with each other, moreover he chose to give a single title to the entire installation: "Short Minute Matter", the most striking of which developed in the space of the studio, materialized by guiding elements, whose configuration resembled a labyrinth. This minimalist installation radically divided the studio space. The presence of this installation, invited the spectators to go from one point to another of the workshop following a precise itinerary, which they had to guess and then experiment. Through the setting up of this labyrinth, the artist exercises control over the movement of the spectators in the space, as they were forced to take this almost invisible route to discover the second part of the installation.

The other projects developed by Corban Walker questioned the notion of architectural construction, while continuing his reflection on the definition of scale. He also used the cube as a construction element, which he declined in different materials.

The metal construction, made of small cubes all identical, is very close to an urban architectural construction, while its scale is closer to that of a model. Corban Walker plays on the transparency of the cubes, depending on the point of view of observation, the structures are both hidden but at the same time partially revealed.

Corban Walker used the principle of the nesting game for the aluminium sculpture, unlike the other installations that used a simple form (the cube), here we are faced with a complex geometric form, the result of a creative process that we can almost guess accidental. The complexity of the manufacturing technique (riveting, cutting, folding) and the repetition of the same shape on a different scale underline the complexity of this structure.

Corban Walker involves the spectator or the exhibition space to express its representation, which also reflects an understanding of our environment. This is why, very often, his sculptures address themes such as repetition, transparency, grid, becoming multifaceted assemblages.


He has had several solo exhibitions in the United States and New York at Saint Carthage Hall, Lismore Castle Arts Ireland, Flag Art Foundation New York, (2011) Pacewildenstein Gallery in New York (2012). He represented Ireland at the 51st Venice Biennale in 2011. 

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