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David Rabinovitch, Residency January to September 1994

David Rabinowitch was born in Toronto in 1943, and lives and works in Paris.

He first came to prominence on the American art scene as a member of the artistic community in London, Ontario, gathered around Greg Curnoe and recognized in the exhibition The Heart of London (1968) at the National Gallery of Canada. David Rabnowitch shares the interest of the Minimalists in exploring the desire of sculpture to interact with the viewer in time and space. His "Romanesque" sculptures, formed of flat steel masses whose horizontality is countered by vertically perforated holes in each mass, present themselves as zones of perception where the appearance of the sculpture varies according to the viewer's position. The sculpture takes on a series of independent aspects as the viewer moves around it. It's as if the world merges into a succession of unique aspects which, though connected, remain irreconcilable.
This concept was also developed by the artist during her residency in Saché, in connection with her project at the Chartreuse du Liget in Chemillée sur Indrois, Touraine. The artist's proposal for this site comprises a series of drawings heralding a possible monumental sculpture spread over several estates within the confines of the Chartreuse du Liget enclosure, whose organization in space echoed the artist's research over many years.

A catalog has been published by Atelier Calder on the artist's research at the Chartreuse du Liget.
David Rabinowitch, Construction pour la Chartreuse du Liget (1994), Atelier Calder, June 1996.

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