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Elise Eeraerts, Residence mid-January to mid-April 2018

Elise Eeraerts creates sculptures, which are situated between installation and architectural construction. For all her projects, the artist establishes a link between her works and their environment through the materials used and the implementation of a participatory approach.

At the Atelier Calder, Elise Eeraerts created an "in situ" work entitled Recursives Volumes, consisting of an architectural structure made of clay from the Saché region. Accompanied by a series of objects also made of clay, of the same shape, but reduced in size to 1/10th.


The title Recursives Volumes refers to a recurring action, questioning the notion of series in the context of an artistic production.

Elise Eeraerts also chooses to question the notion of scale by juxtaposing these two objects of the same shape, one unique and monumental, facing its multiplication in miniature.


This project continued at the Centre d'art des Tanneries in Amilly, with a solo exhibition:

Born in 1986, lives and works in Antwerp. 

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