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Marc Fornes, Residency April to July 2012 

Marc Fornes lives and works in New York. Marc Fornes's works show his interest in researching and creating complex structures that are both architecture and monumental sculpture.
He works from simple geometric forms, which he denatures and decomposes using 3D modeling software, on which he intervenes directly by modifying their programming to design new forms.

The elements thus created, are made of wood, plastic or aluminium, obtained by computer-assisted cutting, they are then assembled to each other using rivets, following a complex pattern.

Each element is unique, their place is determined according to predefined parameters by modifying the computer program developed by Marc Fornes.


For the artist, each project has an experimental dimension that allows him to advance in his research and to push back ever further the limits of digital production, the resistance of materials, the notion of balance, in order to achieve non-standard and spectacular forms.


At Atelier Calder, Marc Fornes created a specific project, on the scale of the space offered. He imagined a structure combining several spheres, an environment with organic lines, composed of openwork aluminium elements. For this work, he uses the simplest element of a construction: a piece, which he has altered, distorted, declined in different sizes by making it escape all linearity.

Marc Fornes is a graduate of the School of Architecture in Strasbourg, of the Architectural Association in London, he worked with Zaha Hadit Architect, he collaborated with François Roche, they co-directed a workshop for three years "(n)Certainties" at Columbia University NYC, at the University of Los Angeles (Southern California) and at Die Angewandte in Vienna. Marc Fornes has conducted numerous workshops around digital design programs at the Royal College of Arts in London (2004 - 2006) and more recently at the University of Michigan and Harvard/GSD.


In 2012, Marc Fornes is TED Fellows (Long Beach, California), he exhibited at Art Paris. He created Labrys Frisae (curly labyrinth) in 2011, work presented during Art Basel Miami / GGG.

In 2011, with his label THEVERYMANY, Marc Fornes created NonLin/Lin Pavillion for the collection of the FRAC Centre in Orléans, "y/Stuc/Surf" a large scale installation for the collections of the Centre Pompidou MNAM. In 2010 he exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, in 2009 N/Edg at the Galerie Roger Tator in Lyon and n/ Strip at the Galerie Synesthésie in Saint Denis. In 2008, he curated the European Pavilion at the Beijing International Architecture Biennale, in 2007 he produced the first exhibition entirely devoted to 3D, modeling and simulation software entitled scriptedbypurpose.
Marc Fornes' residency was supported by the FRAC Centre. Double Agent White, will be presented at the new FRAC Centre in Orléans as part of Archilab in April 2013.

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Photos Guillaume Blanc

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