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Rosa Barba, Residency September to December 2021

Photos: Louis Ramac - Luca Lomazzi - Adrianna Glaviano

Rosa Barba proposes a multidisciplinary and experimental approach to art, very sensitive to the environment that surrounds her, she conceives her projects while creating a link between her work and the places where she intervenes. 

Her installations combine film, sculpture, performance, sound and text, while producing works that are firmly rooted in the material. Rosa Barba continues to question the notions of composition, plasticity of matter and forms. These questions are at the center of her creation and perception of her work, while engaging on more conceptual and poetic levels of reading. She creates immersive installations, totally transforming the space where they are presented. 

Her artistic practice generally translates into the making of films that use the codes of experimental documentary and fiction, exploring subjects such as natural landscapes, or human intervention on the environment, notably through historical references or personal memories. The resulting films and stories present a new and sometimes more reassuring reality. 


In Saché, Rosa Barba was able to develop several new projects. An experimental sound device, made from simple elements (piano strings, projectors, ...), all connected to each other, producing a live sound loop, which invaded the space of the studio. This installation was accompanied by a new series of works questioning the plasticity and transparency of film as a medium. Rosa Barba had woven 16 and 35 mm film onto frames. These developed blue and red films invited the viewer to perceive the space of the studio and the surrounding landscape through these colored films. This technique was inspired by the weaving used in basketry, a craft still present in the Saché region. 




Rosa Barba lives and works in Berlin


Her exceptional projects have been shown in monographic exhibitions at international venues such as MoMA PS1 in New York (2016), the Albertinum in Dresden, the MIT List Visual Arts Center in Cambridge, MA (2015), the Kunsthaus in Zurich, the TATE Mo-dern in London, and in France, Centre international d'art et du paysage in Vassivière (2010), at the Jeu de Paume, Paris (2012), and more recently at the CAPC in Bordeaux (2017). 


A solo exhibition is currently dedicated to her at the Neue NationalGalerie in Berlin,  


In 2022, Rosa Barba will exhibit at the CCCOD in Tours.

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