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Sam Ekwurtzel, Residency January to May 2021 

Sam Ekwurtzel was born in 1983 in Hartford (USA) and lives and works in New York. 

This sculptor works with stone, wood, glass and molten metal, as well as more ephemeral materials such as sound and air. 

In his work, Sam Ekwurtzel experiments with innovative techniques often derived from industrial techniques such as extrusion, which he applies to everyday objects and which he diverts, transforms profoundly to integrate them into his artistic practice.

At the Atelier Calder, Ekwurtzel has used this time of residency to continue to develop experimental projects based on unconventional sculptural processes. 

The artist uses objects from urban furniture: barriers, safety bollards, manhole covers and other signs, generally used to prevent traffic, delimit spaces or define routes.

The artist will coat these objects with a thick layer of ceramic - a material commonly used in industrial foundry processes to make molds - these objects are loaded into ovens, then fired at high temperatures. The metal objects melt inside the ceramic and the molten metal flows onto the floor producing abstract forms reduced to an amorphous pool of molten liquid.

With this project using elements present in our environment, Sam Ekwurtzel forces us to reflect on our place in society, these devices are designed to direct our movements and condition our paths, and more broadly to the place of art in public space.

After university studies, (Master of Visual Arts, Columbia University) Sam Ekwurtzel was able to benefit from solo exhibitions since 2011, at Reynolds Gallery (Richmond), Second Guest Projects, New York, Kind of light (2012), Simon Subal Gallery New York, New York, The Guest in the Machine (2014), Art Basel Miami, Public Sector, (2014), Richard and Dolly Maas Gallery "Room Temperature", New York (2019). 

Sam Ekwurtzel has been a regular participant in group projects: Smack Mellon, There is no synonym for hope, New York, Virginia Commonwealth University Art Gallery (2011), Chocolate Theater, New York (2012), Fieldwork, associate curator Nicolas Baume, Bass Museum of Art, Miami (2014), The public Sphere, Green farm Project, New York (2017). 


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