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Santiago Borja, Residency   mid-September to mid-December 2018

Born in 1970, he lives and works in Mexico City. 

Santiago Borja's work lies between art, architecture and anthropology. Because his approach is based on these three disciplines, he succeeds in establishing unexpected or unexplored connections based on subjective associations.

For his residency project, Santiago Borja has invested the space of the workshop by installing a complex wooden structure, covered by a wool carpet.


This structure was conceived from the totemic connections of filiation symbolized by the diagram "Totemic Operator", published in Claude Levi-Strauss's book "La pensée Sauvage" (1962).

With the installation of this installation in the workshop, Santiago Borja also induces a cultural telescoping with the carpet. Made as part of an ancestral weaving practice, the motifs on this carpet are taken from a repertoire of traditional Mexican shapes and colours, 

associated with those developed by the Bauhaus weaving workshops at the beginning of the 20th century.

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