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Sarah Sze, residency June to December 2003

Photos : André Morin, Guillaume Blanc

Sarah Sze is an American artist born in 1969, lives and works in New York.

Sarah Sze's work has been presented at major events such as the Berlin Biennale and the Venice Biennale in 1999. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions including "2000 Whitney Biennial" at the Whitney Museum in New York, "Migrators" at the Musée d'art moderne de la ville de Paris. Her solo exhibitions are presented in major institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, the Fondation Cartier in Paris and the Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York.


Sarah Sze's sculptures are organized within complex structures, such as labyrinthine systems inspired by architecture and urban constructions.
For the design of her installations, the artist collects small everyday objects that she assembles and glues onto a structure.
Their arrangement is meticulously organized, they are fixed on a wooden or metal support, which gives rhythm and movement to the whole. Her installations are monumental constructions, rich and stunning, recalling the incessant and improvised animation of the urban fabric.


In Saché, Sarah Sze transposed the architectural conditions of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where her project was exhibited in November 2003. For this artist, the space of the studio became a real place of experimentation.

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