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Tara Donovan, Residency January to June 2006

Tara Donovan creates sculptures from materials or everyday objects that she accumulates in order to obtain abstract volumes with disconcerting textures, both familiar and incongruous, which can evoke clouds, landscapes, rocks...


The assembly of an impressive number of identical objects gives the viewer a feeling of infinity. The shapes are dictated by the materials or, conversely, they enter into obvious contradiction with them, thus provoking an almost surrealist shift.


One can see in Tara Donovan's works a certain filiation with minimalism, in the accumulation of identical materials, in the repetition of motifs, in the close relationship between the sculptures and the space they occupy. Her work is also full of sensuality, references to landscape and nature.


At the Atelier Calder, the artist created a work composed of a succession of glass plates of different sizes that were broken and then assembled. This monumental work produces the effect of strata comparable in nature to a mountain range.

Photos Guillaume Blanc

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