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Abraham Cruzvillegas, Residency July to December 2005

Abraham Cruzvillegas was born in 1968, he lives and works in Mexico City.

His work has been exhibited since 1987 in Germany, England, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the United States, France and Spain. He participated in the Havana Biennial (1994), the Sao Paulo Biennial (2002) and the Venice Biennial (2003).
Abraham Cruzvillegas' sprawling installations are made from a profusion of everyday objects and crafts collected by the artist. The assembly of such disparate objects is surprising. But it is above all their complex presentation that questions us, the sensations of instability, floating and even vertigo are always present and perceptible at first glance. This is why, in the controlled and measured space of museums, the works of Abraham Cruzvillegas always exude a sense of strangeness.


At the Atelier Calder, Abraham Cruzvillegas has designed a new series of works and installations based on objects found in the Saché region. Abraham Cruzvillegas' thinking also focuses on the making of objects. Thus the artist has made the same object "le bastos", a kind of stick, made of different materials using several craftsmanship skills (baker, wicker producers, carpenter, cabinetmakers). Each production of this object was the opportunity to identify in the region of Saché the persistence of a traditional craft activity.

The challenge of Abraham Cruzvillegas' work is to highlight the modes of exchange of these productions in a rural environment in parallel with the dynamic trade of an urban environment.


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