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Laurent Saksik, de novembre 2001 à mai 2002

Photos : Guillaume Blanc

Laurent Saksik was born in 1962 and lives and works in Paris.

In his work, Laurent Saksik is interested in the conditions of color visibility linked to the action of light. To highlight the lumino-chromatic phenomenon, he uses all types of materials likely to reflect, transmit or absorb light rays, whether natural or artificial (glass, plastic, resins, aluminum, etc.).
Research is therefore an essential stage in Laurent Saksik's work, as he produces photographs, digital images and models, before moving on to the final production of his works.

Some of the works produced at Saché were presented in a solo exhibition entitled "Premières divisions" at the Château d'Azay le Rideau in summer 2001.
Couleurs - Écrans and Timbre bear witness to his research and experimentation with color, the results of which depend on totally variable and unpredictable external parameters: daylight and atmospheric conditions.
Laurent Saksik produced a series of models in collaboration with students at the Lycée Martin Nadaud, Saint Pierre des Corps, as part of the "Aux Arts Lycéens" educational project supported by the Conseil Régional du Centre.

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