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Roger Hiorns, Residency July to December 2008

Roger Hiorns was born in 1975 in Birmingham, he lives and works in London.

He has had several solo exhibitions, notably at the UCLA Hammer Museum in Los Angeles (2003), the Art Now space at the Tate Britain in London (2005), and the Milton Keynes Gallery in London (2006). Her work is regularly shown at the Corvi-Mora Gallery in London and the Marc Foxx Gallery in Los Angeles. He exhibited at the Artangel Art Centre and Corvi-Mora Gallery in London in 2008.
He has participated in numerous group exhibitions including the 1st Destroy Athens Biennial in 2007, at the Consortium in Dijon (2005), Le Voyage Intérieur Paris-London at the EDF-Electra space (2005), Sculpture New Spirit at the Galerie Nathalie Obadia in Paris (2005), at the Musée Départemental d'Art Contemporain de Rochechouart (2005).

Architecture and sculpture remain the foundation of Roger Hiorns' work, his artistic practice is part of a rigorous approach and in the tradition of sculpture.

The works created by Roger Hiorns associate industrial objects with delicate materials.

For example, BMW engines are adorned with sparkling crystals and suddenly become unique, almost rococo art objects, from which a certain melancholy emanates.


In Saché, Roger Hiorns has produced a new series of sculptures whose shapes evoke mechanical parts but, rather than being made of metal, they are made of ceramic, making them fragile and light, the opposite of the physical properties expected in their industrial use. If these objects seem apparently functional, their use remains a mystery.

Roger Hiorns is interested in the relationship or dialogue that is established between materials as different as metal, ceramic, soap or crystals, the association of which will physically transform the appearance of the work over time: "The work is successful when it becomes independent and no longer needs anything but itself. It then exists through its own language". (Roger Hiorns) Roger Hiorns' sculptures often contain an unusual combination of materials and attempt to capture their metamorphosis, giving them a new existence.




Photos Guillaume Blanc 

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