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William Lamson, residency from May to July 2018

William Lamson was born in 1977, lives and works in Brooklyn.

William Lamson develops interdisciplinary projects, involving the use of everyday objects, building materials, or simple techniques in complex devices where natural elements such as water, air or mineral materials intervene.

During his stay at Atelier Calder, Lamson was able to work on several elements involving geology and architecture. Thus, he took 16 sylexes from the ground around Saché and created a series of sculptures of abstract forms, moulded after certain architectural elements of the workshop, or he worked on objects collected from a metal recuperator (broken engine parts, discarded objects...). In addition, there is a sculpture made of blocks of salt, on which water flows, causing a phenomenon of dissolution.

Lamson, a half-scientific half-organic installation or a natural process reproduced in an accelerated manner, takes a sensitive and questioning look at nature and its phenomena. Borrowing methods and objects from the sciences, particularly geology, he questions in his installations the relationship between human beings and their environment - natural, artificial and technological.

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