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Corban Walker, Residency October to December 2015 

Corban Walker was born in 1967 in Dublin. He lives and works in New York.

Corban Walker makes sculptures that reference architecture and space, sometimes on a large scale, using materials like steel, aluminium and glass. Walker is just under four feet tall and this implies a particular relationship between the artist and space, which is an important factor in his work.

Associating the concepts of architecture and minimalism, Corban Walker often makes references to the cultural and philosophical environment where he installs his work, inviting viewers to think about how they move through and interact with it. He uses a minimalist vocabulary in the spaces used for his installations and pays particular attention to the modifications to it incurred by his sculptures in terms of proportion and equilibrium.

At the Atelier Calder, Corban Walker made several works all in relation with one another and he chose to give a single title to this installation: Short Minute Matter, of which the most imposing element which radically divided the Atelier’s space was a labyrinth formed by minimalist elements to guide a passage through it. The presence of this work invited the visitor to go from one point to another in the space by following a precise itinerary that they had to figure out and experiment. By means of the labyrinth the artist exercised control over the viewers and how they moved through space since in order to discover the second half of the installation they had to follow this near invisible path.

The other projects developed by Corban Walker question the notion of architectural construction while pursuing ideas on the definition of scale. He employed cubes as building elements in a range of different materials.

A construction in metal formed of small identical cubes approaches urban architectural construction, while in scale it is closer to a model. Walker plays on the transparency of the cubes, and by the angle of observation, the structures are at once hidden and partially revealed.

For his sculpture in aluminium, the elements nested one into the other, in contrary to his other works that use simple shapes like cubes. Here we are presented an intricate geometric form that seems almost issued from an accidental creative process. The diverse elements of construction, using rivets, folded and cut out areas and the repetition of the same shape on different scales underline the sculpture’s complexity.

Corban Walker engages both the viewer and the exhibit space to express his representation of these ideas which reflect the comprehension of environment and how it is used. It is for this reason that very often his sculptures address themes such as repetition, transparency, and grids that become a multifaceted expression.

Corban Walker has had several solo exhibits across the U.S.A. and in New York; at the Saint Carthage Hall, Lismore Castle Arts, Ireland; Flag Art Foundation, New York (2011); and the Pace Wildenstein Gallery, New York (2012). He represented Ireland during the 51st Venice Biennale in 2011.


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